Components of Electric Bike Build, 2011
Sectors of US Economy 1947-2009

Market Cap, Revenue & Net Income of US Industry Sectors

Clark's Sector Model for US Economy 1850-2009

Components of Electric Bike Build

Taxation and Tariffs March 26, 1897, Alanson Fox

Political Sound Money Talks, Oct. 6, 1896, Alanson Fox

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"It is the maxim of every prudent master of a family, never to attempt to make at home what it will cost him more to make than to buy."

--Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations (1776)

"Under free trade the trader is the master and the producer the slave. Protection is but the law of nature, the law of self-preservation, of self-development,
of securing the highest and best destiny of the race of man."

--William McKinley, speech, October 4, 1892


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Item Cost Manufacturer Made in
Helment cover $28.00 Sugoi China
Jacket $70.00 Pearl Izumi China
Electric Hub Motor Kit $894.00 Golden Motor China
Helmet $39.95 Bern China
Seat $19.95 Schwinn China
Lock $24.99 Kryptonite China
Rain Cover $22.50 REI China
Zip ties $5.70 Gardner Bender China
Beanie $14.59 Novara Mexico
Bike $380.00 Giant Taiwan
Rear Light $8.99 Viewpoint Taiwan
Inner tubes $13.98 Forté Taiwan
Bike Pump $19.99 Hurricane Taiwan
Bike Tire Levers $3.99 Pedros Taiwan
Front Disc Brake $79.00 Avid Taiwan
Handlebar Bag $34.95 Sealline USA
Dry Box $20.00 Litton USA
Rear Basket $20.00 Wald USA
Front Headlight $39.88 Princeton Tec USA
Rear Rack (DIY Fab) $10.00 Simpson USA
Phone Holder (waterproof) $38.00 Pelican USA
Paint $3.98 Rust-Oleum USA
Leg Reflectors $7.99 Jogalite USA
Mirror $15.99 Mirrycle USA
Front Fork Modification $166.00 Haulin' Colin USA
Rain Pants $49.00 Sierra Designs Vietnam
Gloves $29.99 Pearl Izumi Vietnam
Tires $79.98 Schwalbe Unknown
Fenders $50.00 Planet Bike Unknown
Misc. Screws and Bolts Unknown
Waterbottle Holder $4.99 Planet Bike Unknown
Phone Holder Mount $17.95 Arkon Unknown

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